26, 27 e 28 Luglio 2019 – “GLORIA CAELI – OUTLANDER” – Germania


GLORIA CAELI – Outlander

Butoh Dance Workshop and Performance

26, 27 and 28 July 2019 at HochX Theater und Live Art, München


“Surrender to the truth of the shadow and accept the struggle of the redemption’s ascent
to witness the bright wonder of the Gloria Caeli”




Gloria Caeli – Outlander is a dance event consisting in an intensive Workshop and a Performance Evaluation which will take place in HochX Theater und Live Art and in the rehearsal room at Auenstraße 19 in Munich. “Gloria Caeli – Outlander” is part of a larger project entitled Apocalisse Nova which comes to life by the idea of Alessandro Pintus and the collaboration between NON Company (Italy) and asperformance (Germany). With this event we will deepen and complete the research on the project. Right after the workshop a performance moment will take place in order to evaluate the dance work of the participants and also to share our purpose with audience. This is a unique opportunity for dancers who desire to get to know our work for the fi rst time and to join the project. Our fi nal goal is to create a choreography for a group in the near future.




Apocalisse Nova is an artistic project inspired by the masterpiece of the renaissance painter Luca Signorelli, placed in the Nova Chapel at the Orvieto Cathedral in Italy. In 2018 we started a workshops’ cycle named Finis Mundi, focusing our research on some paintings concerning the “Apocalypse” and the “Resurrection”. This year, with the series Gloria Caeli, we move our attention on the frescoes related to the “Last Judgment” which are highly inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Signorelli’s frescoes offer a transcendental vision to the dilemma of the existence and the expectations upon the ultimate destiny of mankind. It is a human need to discover the mystery of the life, to know what lies beyond death, to witness the vision of the celestial beauty of creation. According to Dante’s journey, we must fi rst visit our own darkness and then accept the effort of the rising, before deserving the experience of the supreme wonder of the “Gloria Caeli”. Likewise, Hijikata with his philosophy of the “Dead Body”, brings the attention on this point through the Butoh dance and his research on the shadow side (Ankoku) of our body and soul.




The students will be guided by the teacher Alessandro Pintus and helped by the assistant Alexander Wenzlik during a 3 days’ workshop. The teaching is based on the principles and methods of Butoh Dance and on related techniques developed by the founder Tatsumi Hijikata. In the series of paintings by Signorelli, humans depicted encounter different types of transformation. Each fresco describes a moment of the Last Judgment and also expresses the physical, emotional, psychic and energetic condition in which the being is involved. For each painting we will investigate specifi c quality through body training and dance experience before entering into a more detailed choreographic work. The workshop is open to every performer with previous experience on stage. Special attention will be addressed to the dance work in relation with an audience.





After the workshop, in the evening of Sunday 28 July, participants will take part in a few short performances in front of an audience, to confront themselves with the dance images and the  instruments acquired during the training. An occasion to evaluate their dance expertise, in order to orientate and motivate the dancers who will participate to the fi nal creative phases. The performance moment is a tool to mirror the work carried out, an assessment of the choreographic elements so far investigated, a clarifi cation of the evolutionary potential of each performer within the artistic process and a refl ection upon the possibilities of stage production that the project needs in order to reach its debut. Following the performance we will briefl y introduce to audience the “Apocalisse Nova” project, the results so far achieved and those we are going to accomplish. We will also open a Question and Answer moment in order to share feedback and more information.




• Location: HochX Theater – Entenbachstraße 37 and rehearsal
room Auenstraße 19, München (www.theater-hochx.de)
• Workshop timetable: Friday 10 – 19, Saturday 10 – 19 with one
hour lunch break, Sunday 10 – 14 with one hour lunch break. 20
hours work in total. Maximum 15 people
• Language: English with German translation if needed
• Performance time: Sunday 28 July at 16 pm (free entrance)
• Sharing with audience: Following the Performance
• Price of the workshop: 250€ per person. 225€ early booking
discount not later than 20 of June. Participation is guaranteed
only via bank transfer



Contact and Registration
Alexander Wenzlik 0049.(0)160.96487583



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in cooperation with HochX Theater und Live Art      



Picture: © Opera del Duomo di Orvieto                     Design: Iulia Dobrovie