20, 21 e 22 Luglio 2018 – “FINIS MUNDI – OUTLANDER” – Germania

Finis Mundi – Outlander

A dance event inspired by Luca Signorelli’s masterpiece

Workshop, Performance and Symposium

20, 21 and 22 July 2018 at HochX Theater und Live Art, München



“Apocalypse is the mystery within us. The Revelation of the hidden nature of human body”






 “Finis Mundi – Outlander” is a dance event consisting in an intensive Workshop, a Performance and a Symposium, which will take place in HochX Theater und Live Art and in the rehearsal room at Auenstraße in Munich. “Finis Mundi – Outlander” is part of a larger project entitled “Apocalisse Nova” which will be officially presented for the first time in Germany during this occasion. “Apocalisse Nova” is an artistic project which come to life by the idea of Alessandro Pintus and the collaboration between NON Company (Italy) and asperformance (Germany). The project is inspired by the masterpiece of the renaissance Italian painter Luca Signorelli, placed in Orvieto Cathedral in Italy. The series of frescoes are concerning the “Apocalypse”, the “Resurrection” and the “Last Judgment”, in turn inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. With this event in Munich we will investigate the meaning of the Apocalypse in all its aspects, through the instruments and philosophy of Butoh Dance. “Apocalisse Nova” is made of different stages and it will be developed mainly between Italy and Germany. Our goal is to collaborate with performers which are interested in our work in order to create a choreography for a group in the near future. This is unique opportunity to gather dancers from all over the countries to join the project and also to inform audience upon our dance purpose.





The theme of the work is inspired by the meaning of the Apocalypse as Revelation in the sense of “throwing away what it covers”, expose the mysteries of matter, the revelation of the hidden nature of the body through an organic and authentic dance. Butoh is often referred as “Dance of Darkness”, that is a dance that aims to bring to brightness the hidden sides of the body, the essence of the soul of the being. Butoh is the revelation of what is dark and non-aware within us. We will research a dance on the border between the shadow and the light, an authentic dance that fulfills the relationship between mind and body and which sets in motion the complementarities of all polarities in nature. The Apocalypse announces the change, invites us to let go and turn the page of life to dance beyond the limit, in order to come back to the original state of the existence. Will you dance with us through the Apocalypse?






The students will be guided in the creative process by the teacher Alessandro Pintus and helped by the assistant Alexander Wenzlik during a 3 days long workshop (see details below). The teaching proposal is based on the principles and tools of Butoh Dance and on related basic techniques that the teacher has developed in more than 20 years of experience. The workshop is open to every dancer and performer with previous experience on stage. Special attention will be addressed to the performance work in relation with an audience. Specifically we will focus the research on some aspects and contents of the apocalyptic frescoes by Luca Signorelli.





In the evening of Sunday 22 July we will offer a dance performance in the form of “studio”, by the participants. This is a work demonstration event, as a result and development of the workshop section. We will select the most representative moments of the work to show the essence of the project theme and to confront the dancers and the resulting dance material with the spectators. Following the performance we will introduce a symposium to present “Apocalisse Nova” project and our artistic goals with the help of photos, videos and other materials upon the research. We will also announce the next year work plan and finally we will open a “Question and Answer” moment with the audience in order to share feedback and more information.




General Info
Where: HochX Theater – Entenbachstraße 37 and rehearsal room
Auenstraße 19, München
Workshop timetable: Friday 15 – 19, Saturday 10 – 19 (with one
hour lunch break), Sunday 10 – 17 (with one hour lunch break). 20
hours work in total. Maximum 15 people
Language: English with german translation if needed
Performance time: Sunday 22 July at 20 pm
Symposium time: Following the performance
•Price of the workshop: 250€ per person. 225€ early booking
discount not later than 20th of June. Participation is guaranteed
only via bank transfer


Contact and Registration
Alexander Wenzlik 0049.(0)160.96487583


An event organized by 


in cooperation with HochX Theater und Live Art      


Picture: © Opera del Duomo di Orvieto                     Design: Iulia Dobrovie